About The Maze

Prices and Hours

(406) 922-1643

4605 W. Cameron Bridge Road. Manhattan MT 59741 US

About the maze
    The maze is created by cutting 4 foot wide paths by walking out into our corn field that has been planted in a grid.  The maze is drawn and cut without the use of computers or GPS. Hidden among the stalks are clues for a mystery to encourage you to seek out the inner depths of the maze.

History of the Maze 
     In 2010 The Montana Corn Maze created their first maze on 0.8 acres in the shape of the sun setting over the mountains of Montana .  The maze was expanded to 2.5 acres for 2011. The maze theme for 2016 is "God made a farmer."

Groups and Parties
        We welcome church groups, school groups, birthday parties, and other clubs to come and enjoy our farm with special areas for picnicking and campfires.  Contact us for special rates, days, and times.  We can accommodate more than one group at a time. 

     September: Saturdays 5 - 8:30PM 
     October: Fridays: 5-8:30PM
                       Saturdays 10-8:30PM

     Our pricing allows for families to enjoy an affordable evening out.  Cash or credit cards are accepted.
     Children 0 - 3         FREE
     Children 4 - 11      $5         
     Adults 12+             $7